Outdoor Lights

Exterior lighting is an integral part of any home. Not only does it create a beautiful and illuminated atmosphere outdoors, but it also provides much needed safety. Outdoor pendants and wall sconces go way beyond the boring old lamps of the past, and add serious style to exteriors while still providing safety and security for your home. Perhaps the most popular outdoor lighting type is the wall sconce. These modern outdoor wall lights flank doorways and can be installed anywhere a wall and wiring exist. Some provide ambient light, others more directed light; there’s truly a vast array of options that can blend into your home’s exterior or provide style points all on their own. Most outdoor wall lights will be rated for heavy weather exposure, but if you live in a particularly wet or harsh environment, look for marine-grade finishes that can tolerate heavy UV, moisture and salt exposure.
Beacon Black 1 Or 2 Light Outdoor Garden Spike Light
From R 799.00 - R 999.00
Alamonte Outdoor Black Bollard Light
R 2,299.00
Beacon Black 1 Or 2 Light Outdoor Bollard Light
From R 1,349.00 - R 1,549.00
Melino Black 5 Watt LED Outdoor Bollard Light
R 2,399.00
Kent Black Convertible Up Or Down Outdoor Lantern Wall Light
R 299.00
Anda Graphite 18 Watt LED Outdoor Bollard Light
R 2,899.00
Bosaro White LED Outdoor Wall Light
R 1,279.00
Hom Black And Clear Glass 16W LED Lantern Outdoor Wall Light
R 1,699.00
Fumagalli Minitommy LED Black Outdoor Garden Spot Light
R 849.00
Fumagalli Minitommy LED Black Outdoor Spike Light
R 849.00
Fumagalli Lesse Black Half Lantern Outdoor Wall Light
R 369.00
Fumagalli Francy Black Or White Up Down LED Outdoor Wall Light
R 629.00
Fumagalli Abram Up Down LED Outdoor Wall Light 3 Sizes
From R 449.00 - R 799.00
Cornet Black Lantern Outdoor Wall Light
R 1,789.00
Kube GU10 Up or Down Only Outdoor Wall Light
R 899.00
Kube GU10 Up And Down Outdoor Wall Light
R 1,499.00
Predazzo Black 5W LED Wall Light
R 1,249.00
Gemini 10W | 20W LED Black Graphite Rectangle Outdoor Wall Light 2 Sizes
From R 899.00 - R 1,429.00
Qubo 18W LED Rectangular Outdoor Wall Light
R 1,349.00
Sidney Stainless Steel Down Facing Outdoor Wall Light
R 1,799.00
Floodlight 20W|30W LED With Sensor 4000K
From R 399.00 - R 499.00
Oxford Black 6 Light Outdoor Lantern Pendant Light
R 3,389.00
Austen Outdoor Black And Glass Lantern Pendant Light
R 1,299.00
Osmo Sand Black And Glass Outdoor Pendant Light
R 1,389.00
Mars 20W LED Solar Outdoor Wall Light With Sensor
R 1,079.00
Fumagalli Marta Up Down 7 Watt LED GU10 Outdoor Wall Light
R 999.00
Explorer 5 Watt LED Outdoor Spot Light
R 699.00
Milton Lantern Galvanized Steel Outdoor Wall Light
R 1,449.00