Ceiling Fans

Indoors is where most ceiling fans reside. While a lot of us have air conditioning units now, ceiling fans still have their place in our homes. Letting your ceiling fan run while your air conditioning unit is on will help distribute that cooler air throughout your home. And even if you don’t have air conditioning in your home, indoor ceiling fans are still the fastest way to cool your space down.
Rockwell 5 Blade Pull Switch Ceiling Fan
From R 2,795.00 - R 2,859.00
Twister 4 Blade Natural Wood Ceiling Fan
R 3,999.00
Twister 4 Blade Satin Chrome Ceiling Fan
R 3,999.00
Twister 4 Blade White Ceiling Fan
R 3,999.00
Malibu 3 Blade LED Ceiling Fan 2 Options
R 5,489.00