Coffee Tables

Create a focal point within your living space with a coffee table that defines your signature style. The nucleus of your living room, the coffee table is home to your remote, movie snacks and magazines, even the work you brought home that you’re studiously avoiding. Whether it’s masculine and sturdy, streamlined or ornate, your coffee table establishes the mood of your living space. Infuse an air of indulgence or craft an elegant entertaining suite with your choice of coffee table. Then sit back and enjoy the practical benefits of storage offered within our range.

Hurley Round Coffee Table
R 3,899.00
Bailey Coffee or Side Table
From R 2,399.00 - R 3,999.00
Neven Pillar Coffee or Side Table
From R 2,599.00 - R 4,399.00
Beaten Tribal Coffee Table 2 Sizes
From R 2,499.00 - R 2,899.00
Orbit Nordic Round Metal Coffee Table
R 6,599.00
Bowie Black Gold Coffee Table
R 7,199.00
Mondo Set of Two Coffee Tables
R 5,799.00
Network Grid Metal Coffee Table in Various Colours
From R 7,099.00 - R 7,599.00
Floating Large Black Copper Coffee Table
R 6,899.00
Floating White and Gold Coffee Table
R 4,699.00
Sean Coffee Table Various Colours 2 Sizes
From R 2,899.00 - R 6,999.00
Rivera Lounge Nesting Coffee Table Set
R 11,999.00