Mini White Or Pink Kids Baby Bear Humidifier And Night Light

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M106 White
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Add some cute to your nursery or toddler room with our mini baby bear humidifier available in two colour options.

We’re all too familiar with dry air in winter, and the use of heaters to fight the cold only exacerbates the problem. The result: itchy sandpaper skin, chapped lips, a sore throat, blocked sinuses, respiratory ailments and runny noses.

Enter the humidifier. This nifty invention adds moisture back to the air by using mist technologies. This can help babies breathe by reducing mucus build-up and opening the respiratory passages.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: H10mm x D85mm
  • Power: USB cable - 1m in length
  • Capacity: 250ml WATER ONLY
  • Running: 4 - 8 Hours - Continuous or Intermittently - Auto Shut Off
  • Decibel: Silent
  • LED Night Light Option - Colour Changing; Auto Shut Off
  • No refunds or exchanges on hygienic items

Turn anti-clockwise to take off lid.

Soak cotton bud in water before first time use.

Fill bottom grey cup with water - 200-250ml - Do not add any aroma oils

Place cotton bud back and turn top part back on clockwise.

Plug in device vie USB cable proved into a USB 2 Pin Plug - you can use any 2 pin USB plug.

Three Settings

Press 1 for Continuous Humidifying - press and hold for light to go on

Press 2 for Intermittent Humidifying  - press and hold for light to go on

Press 3 for Off - if you leave it running the item will automatically switch off after a while to prevent burnout if water runs out.

Care Instructions

For all lighting products simply wipe down with a damp cloth (microfiber if possible) and only water, do not use any abrasive cleaning detergents. Under no circumstances must self-adhesive tape price tickets be attached to a lighting article. The chemical in the self-adhesive could damage the fitting.

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