Hanging Lights

The use of pendant lights and hanging lights in the home has seen a huge rise in popularity recently. Modern lighting is no longer simply about bringing light to a space – it’s about making a statement.

Pendant lights are incredibly versatile. They can be used to provide cosy ambient lighting while you watch TV or eat dinner. They can provide sufficient lighting for completing tasks like reading and writing. And, of course, they can be used decoratively. A pendant light (or several pendant lamps!) hung the right way and in the right place can totally transform your space.

Chandeliers are bound to make a statement in any home, but there are certain materials that will make certain statements. This is something you should consider in your chandelier shopping.

Glass accents on chandeliers are a classic look that never goes out of style. Multifaceted glass details effortlessly refract the light from your bulbs. Materials like metal can also encourage a glow-like finish, while more matte materials like wood or plastics can encourage a more relaxed, contemporary aesthetic.

The material you want in a chandelier is the beginning of your lighting style choices.

White Funnel 20W LED Pendant Light
R 1,369.00
Carlo Grid Drum Metal Shade Pendant Light
R 869.00
Osmo Sand Black And Glass Outdoor Pendant Light
R 1,389.00
Austen Outdoor Black And Glass Lantern Pendant Light
R 799.00
Module Black 2 Light Rectangular LED Pendant Light
R 5,799.00
Flow 3 Ring White Or Chrome LED Pendant Light
From R 3,945.00 - R 4,245.00
Cilla Copper Diamond Wire Shade Pendant Light
R 899.00
Cohen Classic 3 | 5 | 9 Light Plain Black Chandelier
From R 1,389.00 - R 2,389.00
Francis 10 Light Chrome And Clear Glass Rectangular Cluster Pendant Light
R 13,999.00
Zivah 8 | 12 | 18 Light Black And Clear Glass Chandelier
From R 5,449.00 - R 13,449.00
Annabel White Or Grey Dome Pendant Light Available In 2 Sizes
From R 999.00 - R 1,399.00
Alima Clear Crystal Glass Chandelier
R 5,449.00
Helix Sphere 19 Light Chrome Pendant Light
R 7,749.00
Lotus White Glass 8 Light Pendant Light
R 6,999.00
Collins Black Or Copper 4 Light Rectangular Bar Pendant Light
From R 3,549.00 - R 3,749.00
Forge Black And Gold LED Pendant Light
R 12,899.00
Risto Copper Cage Vintage Pendant Light
R 1,549.00
June White Sandstone Concrete Pendant Light
R 1,299.00
Jasper White Sandstone Concrete Pendant Light
R 1,795.00
Lira Gold And Clear K9 Crystal LED Oval Chandelier
R 31,499.00
Olivia Antique Brass 3 | 5 Light Chandelier
From R 1,959.00 - R 2,289.00
Laurel Rectangular K9 Smoke Crystal Chandelier
R 17,789.00
Audion Large Nordic Dome Anthracite Black Pendant Light
R 2,159.00
Sendero Natural Oval Wood Shade Pendant Light 2 Options
R 1,949.00
Tindori Wood And White Glass Pendant Light 2 Sizes
From R 2,849.00 - R 3,189.00
Oxford Black 6 Light Outdoor Lantern Pendant Light
R 3,389.00
Romi Copper And Smoke Glass Pendant Light
R 1,399.00
Sawyer 6 Light Antique Brass Chandelier
R 4,299.00
Vintage Barn Cream And Brass Pendant Light
R 1,159.00
Eaton Facet Stainless Steel Chrome Pendant Light
R 2,389.00
Aero White and Wood Nordic Metal Pendant Light
R 1,299.00
Morpheus Oval Or Round Copper Or Smoke Glass Pendant Light
From R 2,289.00 - R 2,659.00
Pouch Amber Or Smoke Glass Pendant Light
R 1,579.00
Marilyn Rippled Glass Pendant Light 2 Sizes
From R 1,795.00 - R 2,949.00
Nordic Large White Or Black And Wood Pendant Light
R 1,699.00
Silo Black Mesh Drum Shade Pendant Light
R 2,599.00
Victoria Smoke Or Amber Glass Vintage Pendant Light
R 999.00