Desk Lamps

Loop Black | Copper | White and Wood Spazio Desk Lamp
R 699.00
Study Adjustable Clamp Desk Lamp
R 495.00
Eli Black or White Marble and Antique Brass Desk Lamp
R 1,999.00
Pickman 6W LED Black Or White Adjustable Desk Lamp
R 1,349.00
Colton Black | White | Chrome Desk Lamp
R 429.00
Priddy Black Adjustable Desk Lamp
R 1,299.00
Anna Black | White | Grey Adjustable Desk Lamp
R 1,259.00
Crest Adjustable Desk Lamp Range
From R 439.00 - R 679.00
Traverse Black or White and Gold Desk Lamp
R 799.00
Borgillio Copper Or Black Adjustable Desk Lamp
From R 1,499.00 - R 1,699.00
Harvey Black | Antique Brass | Copper | Pewter Desk Lamp
R 399.00
R 699.00
Paddle Pop LED White Or Black Spazio Clip On Desk Lamp
R 519.00
Lofoten Black Or White Nordic Desk Lamp
R 1,399.00
Seville Black And Copper Desk Lamp
R 1,099.00
Miller Grey Or Chrome Adjustable Desk Lamp
R 1,289.00
Helios Gold and Frosted Glass Sphere and Stem Table Lamp
R 1,399.00
Anna Black | White | Grey Floor Lamp
R 1,799.00
Polo LED Dimmable Black | White Spazio Desk Lamp
R 799.00
Minaret Bronze LED Desk Lamp with USB Charger
R 999.00
Empire White Or Satin Chrome Adjustable Desk Lamp
From R 1,399.00 - R 1,599.00
Saint Black | White | Gold | Silver | Grey Table Lamp
R 479.00
Hornwood Black and Wood Table or Desk Lamp
R 1,299.00
Office Black or Red Adjustable Study Lamp
R 499.00
Arlen Retro Copper Desk Lamp
R 1,499.00
Fiore Black and Grey Desk Lamp
R 1,499.00
Cosmos Black | Champagne Yellow Dimmable Led USB Desk Lamp
R 2,799.00
Berta Duck Egg | Blue | Cream Desk Lamp
R 399.00
R 599.00
Bankers Grey or White Table Lamp
R 999.00
Loca Copper and Glass Table Lamp
R 599.00
Adena Black or Cream Adjustable Vintage Desk Lamp
R 899.00
Passat Black | White Nordic Spazio Adjustable Desk Lamp
R 799.00