Designing Room-by-Room: Illuminating the Dining Room

Posted on April 09 2021

Designing Room-by-Room: Illuminating the Dining Room

It’s easy to hang a light over your dining room table and call it a day, but the dining room is not just for eating. multi-functional space, used for homework, paying bills, playing games, and other tasks. Providing sufficient light at the table and around the room is key.

Decorative style reaches its apex in the dining room. Prolonged attention should be paid to the fixture selection, whether the space is used for nightly dining or will be admired only on special occasions.


Use wall sconces for accent, as well as to illuminate serving tasks.



For longer tables, use a pair of smaller chandeliers or statement pendants for grand effect. For correct sizing, divide the rectangular table space in two and size each fixture to the portion it will light.



Dining Tables are traditionally illuminated by a substantial chandelier, which serves as the room’s artistic focal point. Several guidelines exist for correct sizing.

One standard suggests the chandelier should be no longer than ¾ the table’s width. Another suggests the fixture extend no closer than 15cm to the table’s edge. Typically, a chandelier’s base should not extend below a 75 to 80xm gap from the table surface.

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