UVC LED Sterilizer

What is UVC - UV  refers to ultraviolet light produced by the sun. There are three different types of UV light - UVA, UVB and UVC. How it worksLED UVC technology uses no harmful chemicals or ozone, making it the most effective and  safe sterilisation method to date. TechnologyKills 99%+ of bacteria & viruses from any item that fits in your device in 59-180 seconds using LED UVC light. Did you know - Studies have been performed to prove that UVC disinfection is effective at reducing infections.

59S Portable 4 UVC Mini LED Sterilizer For Baby Pacifiers, Teethers And Small Household Goods
R 499.00
59S 8 UVC LED Sterilizing Box For Beauty Tools, Household Goods Or Personal Items
R 899.00
6 UVC LED Quick Sterilizing Container For Face Mask Or Baby Products
R 799.00
12 UVC LED Sterilizer Bag For Beauty Utensils Or Baby Products
R 999.00
59S 24 UVC LED Pro Sterilizer For Household Goods Or Baby Bottles
R 1,499.00