Allure Table Lamp With Shade Available In Various Colours
R 739.00
Anna White or Grey Adjustable Desk Lamp
R 1,259.00
Arden Satin Chrome Adjustable Angle Floor Lamp
R 1,879.00
Atom Black 4 Light Multi Level Floor Lamp
R 2,395.00
Aurora Black Or White LED Nordic Table Lamp
From R 1,549.00 - R 1,849.00
Azure Brass And Concrete Table Lamp
R 2,899.00
Borgillio Copper Or Black Adjustable Desk Lamp
From R 1,189.00 - R 1,529.00
Borgillio Copper Or Black Adjustable Floor Lamp
From R 3,359.00 - R 4,839.00
Bow Wood And Metal Floor Lamp
R 4,259.00
Bow Wood And Metal Table Lamp
R 1,699.00
Burj Black Or White LED Adjustable Desk Lamp
R 599.00
Cantilever Black And Marble Large Floor Lamp
R 8,449.00
Colton Desk Lamp Range
From R 369.00 - R 389.00
Como Facet Glass Table Lamp
R 1,399.00
Cosmo 5 Light Satin Gold And White Glass Step Floor Lamp
R 7,379.00
Covaleda Black and Gold Dome Floor Lamp
R 3,989.00
Crest Adjustable Desk Lamp Range
From R 349.00 - R 559.00
Curva Satin Chrome And Black Arco Adjustable Floor Lamp
R 4,479.00
Don Diego White Tripod Floor Lamp
R 1,689.00
Empire White Or Satin Chrome Adjustable Desk Lamp
From R 1,129.00 - R 1,359.00
Fisherman Antique Brass Or Chrome Lantern Table Lamp
R 899.00
Giraffe Quad Black Metal And Shade Floor Lamp
R 4,350.00
Hallstat Black and Clear Or White Glass Table Lamp
From R 2,979.00 - R 3,395.00
Hibiscus Tripod Floor Lamp
R 2,750.00
Hibiscus Tripod Table Lamp
R 1,195.00
Hover Black Floor Lamp
R 2,995.00
Jasper Table Lamp With Matching Shade
R 795.00