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Lighting should be both functional and style-driven. You want to make sure your lighting choice best serves the purpose of the room, makes the best use of available space, and also reflects your interior style. If you’re styling a small bedroom, for example, a bedside lamp and a few recessed ceiling lights can be better choices than an arc floor lamp, which takes up a fair bit of room, or flashy pendant lights.

Whether you’re looking for mood lighting for the dining room, stylish kitchen lighting, spotlights to view wall art or sculptures, waterproof outdoor lights, luxury chandeliers, funky bar lighting, energy-efficient LED lighting options, or any other type of lighting you might need for your space, has you covered.

ABC Bedside Reading Wall Light With USB Port
R 1,659.00
Abilio Black or Gold and White LED Pendant Light
R 1,070.00
R 1,189.00
Abode Woven Resin String Ball Pendant Light 3 Sizes
From R 1,395.00 - R 4,459.00
Adena Portable Rechargeable Mist Fan with LED Light
R 2,999.00
Aero Black or White with Wood Dome Pendant Light
R 779.00
Alamonte 2 Light Outdoor Black and Clear Glass Wall or Ceiling Light
R 1,349.00
Alamonte Outdoor Black and Clear Glass Pendant Light
R 1,299.00
Alamonte Outdoor Black and Clear Glass Wall Light
R 999.00
Alamonte Outdoor Black Bollard Light
R 1,739.00
Alik Cube 12 Watt LED Outdoor Black Wall Light
R 1,259.00
Allure Table Lamp With Shade Available In Various Colours
R 949.00
Amador Branch Mini 1 Light Glass Pendant Light
R 639.00
Amador Classic Branch 5 Light Smoke or Amber Glass Pendant Light
R 3,419.00
R 3,799.00
Amador Classic Branch 6 Light Smoke or Amber Glass Pendant Light
From R 8,989.00 - R 9,589.00
Amador Classic Branch 8 Light Smoke or Amber Glass Pendant Light
From R 11,999.00 - R 12,999.00
Amador Classic Branch Smoke or Amber Glass 1 Light Pendant Light Available in 2 Sizes
From R 959.00 - R 1,149.00
Amador Vertical Branch 7 Light Smoke or Amber Glass Pendant Light
From R 9,999.00 - R 10,999.00
Amezola Square Black and Clear Glass Ceiling Light
R 1,499.00
Amontillado 27W LED Black Slim Dimmable Ceiling or Wall Light
R 2,699.00
Anbell Black and White Interior Metal Pendant Light
R 939.00
Anna Black | White | Grey Adjustable Desk Lamp
R 1,133.00
R 1,259.00
Anne 5 Light Black Ceiling Light
R 791.00
R 879.00
Arena 160 Black Mesh Pendant Light
R 499.00
Arena 180 Black Mesh Pendant Light
R 459.00
Ari Black or Cream Adjustable Vintage Desk Lamp
R 799.00
Art Deco 2 Light Black And Amber Glass Wall Light
R 1,149.00
Art Deco Black and Gold Pendant Light
R 2,519.00
Ascari LED Black Dome Ceiling Light Available In 2 Sizes
From R 7,199.00 - R 16,499.00
Ashley Natural or Black Woven Rope Large Lantern Pendant Light
R 9,999.00
Astral Solar LED Outdoor Spazio Lantern Wall Light
R 2,589.00
Astrid Wire Copper | Chrome | Black Grid Pendant Light 3 Sizes
From R 949.00 - R 2,985.00
Athina Clear | Amber | Smoke Cut Glass Pendant Light
From R 1,089.00 - R 1,195.00
Atom 15 Light Black and Amber Glass Molecule Pendant Light
R 9,999.00
Atom Black 4 Light Multi Level Floor Lamp
R 2,589.00
Atom Minsk 10 Light Molecule Pendant Light Available In 3 Options
R 5,699.00
Audion Large Nordic Dome Anthracite Black Pendant Light
R 2,159.00
Aura LED Black Gold | White Silver Pendant Light 2 Sizes
From R 1,799.00 - R 2,499.00