Lamps are an easy way to bring that little extra something to your interiors. They don’t need a lot of space, yet they can still be big on impact. At we have a vast selection of lamps for you to choose from. To make your choice a little easier, we’ve broken them down into categories.

Table Lamps - The right table lamp will enhance your interior décor, whether it’s switched on or not. Table lamps are incredibly versatile and can work in almost any part of the house, from the living room to the study. 

Desk Lamps - Desk lamps improve visibility while you work to help you accomplish your tasks, from paperwork to sewing. Most desk lamps have goosenecks, lamp heads, or bodies that can be adjusted. These features allow you to direct the flow of light where you need it most, to reduce eye strain and help you work more comfortably.

Floor Lamps - Floor lamps come in a range of different styles. From modern and contemporary kinds with sleek metal bodies to traditional uplighters or those that resemble spotlights. Some floor lamps have adjustable heads that allow you to focus the illumination – great for reading or doing a crossword. Others are better used for mood lighting

Hornwood Black and Wood Table or Desk Lamp
R 1,189.00
Office Black or Red Adjustable Study Lamp
R 499.00
Sloan Black | Gold Wire Mesh Tripod Table Lamp
R 899.00
Slick Black Floor Lamp
R 1,199.00
Hornwood Black and Wood Floor Lamp
R 2,499.00
Flow Black | Gold and Clear Glass Ball Table Lamp
R 1,499.00
Flow Black | Gold and Clear Glass Funnel Table Lamp
R 1,499.00
Anna Black | White | Grey Floor Lamp
R 1,799.00
Fiore Black and Grey Desk Lamp
R 1,499.00
Slender Black or White Spazio Portable Rechargeable Table Lamp
R 2,299.00
Cosmos Black | Champagne Yellow Dimmable Led USB Desk Lamp
R 2,799.00
Dylan Luxe Large Black With Shade Table Lamp
R 3,599.00
Imbali Rectangular Table Lamp with Shade
R 2,249.00
Faydon Black | White | Gold Nordic Dome Floor Lamp
From R 3,999.00 - R 4,599.00
Esta Black Shelf and Black Ribbon Shade Floor Lamp
R 5,399.00
Esta Black Shelf and White Shade Floor Lamp
R 5,299.00
Ease Side Table and Floor Lamp Combo
From R 4,399.00 - R 5,399.00
Tip Toe Side Table and Floor Lamp Combo
From R 4,399.00 - R 5,399.00
Bora Jasper Black and Rattan Cane Shade Table Lamp
R 1,549.00
Bora Plain Black and Rattan Cane Shade Table Lamp
R 1,599.00
Hover Black and Charcoal Cantilever Floor Lamp
R 3,599.00
Bora Table Lamp with Woven Rattan Cane Shade
From R 3,199.00 - R 3,899.00
Carina Wood and Steel LED Linear Table Lamp
R 3,499.00
Adena Black or Cream Adjustable Vintage Desk Lamp
R 799.00
Polo LED Dimmable Black | White Spazio Desk Lamp
R 699.00
Passat Black | White Nordic Spazio Adjustable Desk Lamp
R 799.00
Kennedy 3 Light Black | White Floor Lamp
R 1,799.00
Cleo Pedestal Black And Clear Glass Floor Lamp 2 Sizes
From R 5,799.00 - R 5,999.00
Odile Natural Dutch Weave Shade with Black Tripod Floor Lamp
R 2,799.00
Fontana Pleated Shade Black | White Spazio Rechargeable Table Lamp
R 1,999.00
Twigs Black Tripod with Shade Spazio Table Lamp
R 2,999.00
Lovable Black Nordic Arc Spazio Floor Lamp
R 5,999.00
Loop Black | Copper | White and Wood Spazio Desk Lamp
R 699.00
Nordic Curva Satin Chrome And Black Arco Adjustable Floor Lamp
R 4,249.00
Devon Black and Brass Adjustable Floor Lamp
R 3,449.00
Traverse Black or White and Gold Desk Lamp
R 799.00
Galaxy 4 Watt LED Portable Black or White Spazio Rechargeable Table Lamp
R 499.00
Eli Black or White Marble and Antique Brass Desk Lamp
R 1,999.00
Paddle Pop LED White Or Black Spazio Clip On Desk Lamp
R 519.00