Rechargeable Lights

Get Loadshedding ready with a few of our rechargeable lamps, bulbs, portable light options.
Day | Night Sensor Rechargeable Emergency SA Wall Socket Bulb
R 99.00
Dot Compact LED Night Light With Motion Sensor
R 199.00
Under Counter 2W Rechargeable LED Emergency Light
R 249.00
Fugo Portable 3W LED Rechargeable Emergency Lamp
R 225.00
Galaxy 4 Watt LED Portable Black or White Spazio Rechargeable Table Lamp
R 499.00
Fontana Pleated Shade Black | White Spazio Rechargeable Table Lamp
R 1,999.00
Sunlume Solar or Power Rechargeable Spazio Table Lantern Light Touch Dim
R 2,899.00
Tibex Pack of 4 Solar LED Rechargeable Outdoor Wall Light
R 1,289.00
Astral Solar LED Outdoor Spazio Lantern Wall Light
R 2,599.00
Curtis 3W Solar LED Grey Outdoor Wall Light with Sensor
R 1,099.00
Rechargeable LED Camping And Mosquito Killer Light
R 419.00
Mooni Eye Speaker Lantern With Wooden Handle
R 1,799.00
Mooni Music Ball Lantern Speaker With Metal Handle
R 2,149.00
Mooni Opal Speaker Lantern With Clear Handle
R 1,599.00
Mooni Ovo Large Speaker Lantern With Wooden Handle
R 2,699.00
Mooni Ovo Mini Speaker Lantern With Wooden Handle
R 2,549.00
Cube Solar 10W LED Rechargeable with Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light
R 1,099.00
Clark Cage Black Silver or Gold Copper Outdoor Solar Lantern Light
R 399.00
Slender Black or White Spazio Portable Rechargeable Table Lamp
R 2,299.00